Rome adventure all the rage,
Venice looks good on the page
Paris loves Old Lucy Brown
London Beatles falling down
Mayor's message very terse
Air pollution getting worse
It's all so heavy
War in somewhere growing near
Income tax time almost here
Life on the levee...

We pause five minutes
For the devastating daily news
And in five minutes you can bet
You'll know those Wall Street blues

Oh! A note of cheer
'Cause it says right here
That today is Spring
Happens ev'ry year
In this hemisphere
So today is Spring
Since today is Spring
Now I'm wondering
If we shouldn't be planning
A picnic
Get away from here
Go and have a beer
In which maybe to cry
Or, at least, have a sigh

But when I'm asked to be profound
I start to sneeze insanely
I keep my feet too near the ground
And shoot the breeze inanely
Just one more chance
At sweet romance
Maybe that's all I'm after
And if I'm late
Such is my fate

I'll remember in December
That it once was Spring
Just a season
But how life needs season...

Don't forget to pay the rent
Time is taxed at ten percent
Brush your teeth with wet cement
Mickey Mouse for President!

Oh, and by the way also meant to say...
That today is Spring!
Happens once a year in this hemisphere...
And it's happening!
So you'll understand
That a change is planned
And I don't give a damn what you're thinking
Say I'm lazy, say I'm crazy
But you'll have to talk fast
'Cause your future just passed

And remember in December
That it once was Spring
Just a season
But how life needs seasoning!

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