So long sweet hungup
I'm writing on the run
I'm running off to Rio,
Oh yes Rio sound like fun
Prob'ly dance the bossa-nova
Down there somewhere until down
In the garden of a Villa
Maybe barefoot on the lawn
Plan to carry on and on

And if some tall dark danger
Waits in that world apart
Who'll know if this sad stranger
Plays with a broken heart

Cheer up sweet let down,
I'm throin' in the towel
Cause it's soakin' wet with weepin'
And that's left me feeling foul

Need to dance the bossa-nova
Down there somewhere till I'm found
In an alabaster palace
With a Prince to whirl me 'round
In this arms until I'm drowned

He'll touch my hand, then kiss my eyes
I'll understand, be hypnotized
So that my will unto his will
Is duty bound

Ah, yes you magic stranger
Taking my world apart
Please be the rearranged
Of this sad broken heart

Lovely when you find this
Don't came chasin' after me
Cause I'll be some other person
By a quarter after three
Oh and if some other person
Finds that person to ring true
Than you'll know I've found
Just one more little lie
To see me thru

Like I'm lyin' now to you…

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