Open the urchin and peel back the layers
Before the crows come... Pecking, pecking
Flies have infested my skull and the buzzing never ceases
Pecking they come pecking and digging
Before the man in blue may open your skull

Like soldiers they fly in formation...
Onward into battle lest one who stayed behind
To freeze in the barren white fields
But release these straps sir
I am free to fly and I have many miles to go
To fly or flutter I must get out.

In this skin I am unclean...
Peel it from me so I may reveal myself
Shall I peel it from myself then?
Inside I am disgusting and unclean
But it needs to be seen...
There is a monster in here
Summon the wolves to clean my bones

I crave sleep...Sleep without dreams
Pecking... Pecking and digging they come
Searching for the worms...
My head is full of dirt and the worms may feast
In my skin I am filthy, disgusting, dirty and diseased
Please release these straps sir...

I've found a way out...
The smallest crack in the wall
It's free and bright and light seeps through like fire
The smallest crack in the wall in much to small

I check under bed and behind for you
I can head you breathing in my ear
Telling me things... How to fit through
The smallest crack in the wall

Open the urchin and peel back the layers
Summon the wolves...
I slice and slice... Peeling off skin
It's the only way I can fit...
the only way out is in...

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