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Southern Kind Of Life

Kasey Chambers

I grew up a long way from here
I slept with the lights on for 15 years
And Sabbath kept me home on friday nights
And Daddy sang me Rogers
Just to make everything all right

My town wasn't even on the map
You could pass right through it in 20 seconds flat
But the south was like the whole world to me
Wasn't easy to stay but it was harder to leave

Yeah I was a south bound child
Yeah I had a small town life
But I turned out alright in the north
Living that southern kind of life

Old friends and bibles filled the house
No room for money and no money anyhow
Deprived was something we always heard
But to me and my brother it was just another word

I used to think the north was the end
Coz people go there and they don't come back again
But my father's father was a man of the sea
He lived the southern life 2 blocks away from me

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