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Yeah... ohhh... yeah... ohhh...
Every night that I'm away from you
Is a moment I can't live through
Wish I knew just what to do,
'coz it doesn't feel right
Sometimes when I close my eyes
I can hold you in my mind
When will I be satisfied?
Wish I won't keep dreamin'...

I wanna tell you, what I've been going through
I wanna hold you, close to my heart
And make you smile again, just like i did back then
How could we be so far apart?...

I wish you were here
To shed off my tears
Wish I could close my eyes...
And make you appear
Wish I could just snap my fingers
That is the time when you were mine
And I wish that hocus-pocus...
Could change your goodbye

I just wish you could see these eyes
Baby I apologize...
Should've been there when you cried...
Can you forgive me?
I know I'm sayin' these words in vain
My love can't you feel my pain?
I wish that all the rain, fall down from the sky
I've never told you, how much I love you
I just let the moment passed me by.
I couldn't see it, but you've made me believe it
Now that I know it...
I wish you could hear it

I wish you were here.
Shed off my tears (oh yeah)
(make you appear...)
Wish I could snap my fingers (oh,oh)
And I wish that hocus-pocus...
Can change your goodbye
I wish you were here
(ohh) shed my tears
Ohh yeah... ohh yeah...
Wish I could snap my fingers,
That is the time when you were mine
And I wish that hocus-pocus
Can change your goodbye...

I just can't stop, thinking about us
If you can hear this...
Grant me these wishes...
Ooohhh... yeah... yeah
Starlight, Star bright
First star I see tonight
Wish I may, wish I might...
Have my wish tonight (ooh) (repeat 2x)
Wish you were here
Oohh... yeah... oohh...
Lady, my dear (oohh)
wish you were here, yeah... oohh... (7x)
Baby, that is the time when you were mine
Starlight, star bright
hmmm... first star I see tonight
oohhh... yeah....

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