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I Remember That Freak Bitch

Cypress Hill

I use to know this girl who slang the green shit
had it all going on but it didn't mean shit
she wanted to be a star with big cars
and all the fame that came her way I gotta say
that she was all that and a bag of Indoe
with no seeds such a delightful weed
I wish she was still around but no she's gone
my guess she got blessed and she got put on
Hey yo I miss that girl she was the bomb
Had the bomb diggy bomb bom and up on the quraun
had all the holy book with looks to kill still
I never met another dealer with that appeal
with those electric eye's hypnotize any wise man
surpize the queen of the lye.

B Smooth
2nd half of 1st verse

Mo' better bitches bounce in five deep cliques
Dipped in victoria secret scents
Hangin/ with men under surveillance from the government
While Don Juan types floss rites - she's chewin' on ice
Meditatin' with her camp gettin' damp
She's a femme fatale freak bitch high maintenance
Got her fuckin' clit pierced chained to her anus
Professional fo wettin' niggas up, suck em first till' theybust
Swallow nut then she's quick to strut right ou the projects
Been a whore since '91
Suckin' niggas dicks for fun holdin guns in her buns
Type of chick to tel you fuck her in the ass talkin' shit
while she's going LALALALALALULULLU
On ya dick!!!


I remember that freak bitch
up in the club a Victoria secret
she gives love no matter which way you keep it
you get thrown out the picture now peep it
you get the glove bitch...........

Its been years since I've sen the queen of reen on the screen
so I stepped up to her screen door like a dream
or better yet like a fin needing a fix
she wasn't like other chicks
on the scene puling schemes for chips
she was like Run DMC tougher than leather
raw bitch but then she was soft like a feather
never again will I meet a woman of her nature
sky pager turned of dating one of the Lakers
lucky ass nigga with a jump-shot
he got that hot shit all in his pocke on lock
damn I guess I'm jealous that other fellas got with her
but her sister's bangin too what should I do?
Fuck it I'll do like my nigga Smooth would the princess
planting my seed in the next queen of Buddha bless
fuck playing the 2nd string on the squad
I'm blowin up all in your face word to God.

B Smooth
2nd half of 2nd verse

Yeah, I fucker in the hershey tunnel
Deep inside it made her pussy bubble
A Yo! She told me that it loves you
I told her arch that back and let me see that ass
And then I kissed it licked it stuck my nose all in position
I told her baby listen -- Can't you see my fuckin dick is
Throbbin' She started gobbalin, slobberin' dick gurgalin
'Burpin' it
I told her it don't matter baby jusst don't bit it
No nolds barred my dick was hard enough to dent a car
I stuck it in between to spread da red sea apart
The pussy fart was a mothafuckin' work of art
She rode my dick just like a kawasaki till her puss started
Soundin' sloppy like an old jalopy
Time to nut took off the condom slapped her on the butt
Then I busted in her in between her lips, then she started
Lickin' it because it was good shit!
Protein packed enriched
Yeah I got my shit the Freaky Mr. Ricks


I remember that freak bitch
up in the club a Victoria secret
she gives love no matter which way you keep it
you get thrown out the picture now peep it
you get the glove bitch..........

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