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The Damned

The autumn leaves burning red
With the last light of the sun
The day is almost over
The day is almost done
Perhaps tonight I'll sit and watch
The stars come out
Their liquid hazy light
Holding time still
Bringing old memories to life
But I'm restless, restless, so restless

Time seemed to move slover then
My father worked so hard
I hardly knew his hand
My mother so much younger
Tried to make me understand
That was before the bad times
The house on the hill
That's when I wished
For just a little longer
Time could stand still
And I was restless, so restless
Too damn restless, restless

Life has tested my faith
I've wandered from the path
But things I'm ashamed of
No-one's perfect that's a fact
Sometimes I've found myself
Walking in the footsteps of the beast
I've done things that are not like me in the least
They have been even in bad times
Fragments of eden things were gold
Glimpsed never forgotten even though
I'm still restless, I'm still restless
So damn restless, so damn restless
So damn restless, so damn restless
Restless, restless, restless
Restless, I'm restless, too damn restless
I'm so restless

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