Yesterday the leaves were brown,
and i was wearing a big frown,
because my lover left me for the girl that he had loved before,
the sky was cloudy then turned blue,
because i saw it was no use to want someone whos heart waselsewhere,
so i decided not to care, (oh yeah)
He wants me back, but he can't have me
he wants me back there's no denying,
he wants me back, he's on his knees
now lets see who's crying

the grass is greener without you, it's true
so many things for me to do,
living my life for me and on my own,
it's so great to be alone,
and now you're knocking at my door,
you realized you love me more,
well i've no time to hear apologies, i've got the world to see
He wants me back, he wants me back
but he can't have me
he wants me back, back
Ain't goin back (repeat til fade)

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