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Love's Heavy Burden


Under love's heavy burden do I sink
Can I go forward, when my heart is here?
I cannot be here, here and there,
there and here for You and I
are past our dancing days

I like the lightning
which does cease to be
ere one can say "I see"
Beauty too rich for use
for earth too dear
Did my heart love till now?
I forswear!

Regions near me seemed all alone
My mutual cry she never heard again
Now sadness is beloved, and love we gain
Alike bewitched by charm of looks

Night, sable Goddess,
from your ebon throne
Every eye is fixed on you alone
I thank you, moon, for showing me the way
Trip away, make me stay, meet me all
by break of day

You made mine eyes and merry tears
Oh, grim-looked night, the way you fear!
Full many flowers born to blush unseen
And waste their sweetness now
sure their last gleam

Trip away, make me stay,
meet me all by break of day
Heaven hell shadow-dancer
heatened blood makes holy hands unclean

Mine eyes look sad,
And grim-looked night away
Stare around the sphere
to blush unseen-your tears

When you turn away
Leave me out of the end
Turn your insane out
Leave me, it you will

Away from light steals forth my soul
I want give cure as know
But love's a smoke with fume of sighs
So swallow down and rise, autumn rise

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