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Falling Down The Mountainside

David Gray

Without a word you set your sights
Into the sun
When all the world you put to rights
Was still so wrong
Pin your heart out on your sleeve
Spouting all that make believe
From your lips
It seemed it might come true
Falling down the mountainside with you

The clothes you wore the people stared
You looked so strange
To see you move, St Vitus Dance
Was in your veins
And never once afraid to know
What it feels like when you go
Out beyond
Where logic keeps the view
Falling down the mountainside with you

If you were here first thing I'd do
Is knock you down
You left me cold to meet your ghost
All over town
So grind the stone and spin the wheel
Lock the doors on what you feel
Looking back
It's like I always knew
I'd be falling down the mountainside with you

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