Prayer, oh, prayer
prayer, it changes things
i know that prayer,oh, prayer
it changes things

Verse 1:
There was a mother crying all night long because of her daughter
that ran away from home, she said why should i be cryin when i know
how to pray, surely my god will make a way

When she got down on her knees and began to talk to the lord,
she heard a knock in, a knock in at her door, and when she answered
she said " who could it be"? , It was her daughter sayin momma please
forgive me......

Prayer, oh prayer
Prayer, it changes things, i know that prayer
oh prayer, it changes things
yes, it changes things

Verse 2:
Well the doctor said, that he wouldn't make it through, so he called
the family in to give them the bad news, but the family said no we
ain't goona let him go, cause we believe in god,we believe in miracles

So the family joined hands and they began to pray, and called on
the name that's above every name, just a few minutes later the
doctor came runnin in, he said" I got good news, your brotha is
gonna live......"

Prayer, oh prayer
prayer, it changes things
I know that prayer, oh,prayer
it chnges thigns, yes it chnges things

Much prayer
(Much Prayer)
much power
(Much Power)
no prayer
(No Prayer)
no power
(No power)
Get in a hurry to get on your knees and pray 'cause god will deliver right away yeah yeah yeah yeah
It Changes Things(Keep saying all the way until the song is over)

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