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Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me

Diamond Rio

Well Hello
it's good to hear your voice
i hate to call so late
but i didn't have a choice
I'm callin you from Dallas
headed for L.A.
I wish I had more time to talk
There's so much to say

No I ain't forgot how i was raised
but I'm livin way to fast
It's a rollercoaster ride up and down
My new job is goin great
I'm headed for the top
I should be happy, but somehow i'm not
Sometimes I think the devil has got me by the sleeve
mama don't forget to pray for me

Tell me how is the weather
have you put the garden out
are the dogwoods bloomin
out behind the house
no i'm not sick
there's nothing wrong
nah don't wake up dad
i just thought of you and home and got a little sad

mama don't forget to pray for me

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