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Over Bieknede Blaner Till Dommedag (translation)

Dimmu Borgir

Over Fading Blue-Horizon Until Judgement Day

Long in length the storm's blast wind
Strikes tidewaters' ??
Strikes ocean over a treasure
Has quickly all forest-ponds frozen
And the snow covers a mountaintop
Soldier strong he was
Who sat unafraid in old days
Wanders to death-island chasm after his pure honourable conflict
Faded blue-horizon's land
Deserted and black earth
And good for forefathers who have ruled
The Norwegian ocean's dusk's fjord
The trip through dusk is grey
For me is it a shell of forefathers' lives
Fade blue mountains on the horizon
Into a turned-grey night
Travel over fading blue-horizon's mountains
And here in darkness I am deserted
Quickly has snow oppressed every bough
Quickly has king winter conquered earth
Here where once the old fell in the field in battle
In order to lay the island to waste
And make it clean
Over fading blue-horizon's mountain
Travel in its dark dark-man's word
Over land where forefathers' battle has conquered
Where Viking-sword sat plainly in sight

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Composição: Aldrahn / Dimmu Borgir / Erkekjetter Silenoz / Shagrath. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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