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Too Young To Die

The Divine Comedy

Too young to die but too old to survive
I've spent too long trying to write this song
The tune is ok but the words are all wrong
Maybe it's time for a change
I've lived a life since the day I arrived
Building my dreams, grand romantic schemes
Now I'm 28 but I'm still in my teens
Maybe it's time for a change
Now it's time to say goodbye
To my suit, my shirt, my tie
My youth seems to have passed me by
And I'm too young to die
I will not weep for what we leave behind
I must break free from that part of me
That values the art over the humanity
I think it's time for a change
I thought that I was doing fine
But now I've changed my mind 'cause...
Too young to die, yeah! Ooh!
Too young, too young, yeah, yeah, yeah... Ooh!
Maybe it's time for a change...

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