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Love My Niggas


Luv my niggaz but wheres my bitches X4

its all good,
its allright,
fuck all day fuck all night,
call my bitches cuz wherever i go,
yall my bitches east to the west coast all my bitches

Yo chickens is good for tha pluckin,
so im stickin bitches fuckin,
got em trickin while they suckin,
give em dick and they be buggin,
ive done it all to mackin 2 hoez on tha three way,
dominican hoz on leyway,
country hoez an v8,
and they all say the same about my game iz tight,
das why every night a different coupe of bitches start a fight,
over some dick that they dont even own,
all im givin em iz de bone,
blowin up da niggaz phone but aint nobody home,
im in tha zone tryin to do thangz but it turnz into a truthang,
wassup gurlfriend u game?
dont wonder when i leavein thangz,
because i deal wit thangz,
im leavin bitchez not breathin rite,
i fuck they head up wit sum slick shit,
hit em off wit sum long dick shit,
make it sum quick shit but rip shit,
then im out its like the trash on a thursday,
knowin she be givin out tha ass on tha first day,

Chorus X 2

Flocks bitches by the dozen,
frum sistahs to cuzinz,
got em doin shit they say they wuzzint,
their gonna do it knowin i fuck tha bitch that she waz supposedto,
still gave up the ass and doe she said she was supposed to,
pitches of bitches in flicks and chicks,
they own the baddest hoz,
suckin dick,
its the dawg in me that makes me do wrong,
an hunnies cant help but get strung,
cuz the game iz too strong,
i like em greedy,
black like eadie,
eyes beady,
willin to give to tha needy,
an i ran thru em all from around the way bitches,
outta state hoz, an gettin bitch ritchez,
all i tell em iz lemme get dat,
den itz on,
knock da mutha fucka,
den im gone,
i got da white bitches tellin me "itza black thang",
couldnt lay dat ho witout plenty of doe and plently of backpain,

Chorus X2

bitches who get props,
cuz they kno who can get caught,
cuz they can get they shot,
bout the way a niggaz head drop,
walk up in the spot kno wut she want strickly,
when hun wants the dickly,
hun comes and gets me,
hitz me,
layz me,
doesnt get crazy,
knows to be swazy, cuz das daddys baby,
i keep dem hoz in check like the goverment,
hitten em off wit nuttin but tha dick,
and they luvin it,
huggin it,
like it the best friend cuz it iz,
word to mizz,
fuckin wit trickz iz jus bizz,
i deal wit strictly dimez,
got em committin their first crime,
cause shes suckin dick for the first time,
an aint no secret,
bout how i freak it,
when i sweeped it,
never knew how i peeped,
it and creeped it,
das how i kno dat dis mus be dat shit,
i be tellin bitches i be back,
an they believe dat shit,

Chorus X 2

i luv my niggas but wheres my bitches X4

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