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School Street


(Gun shots, sirens, bells)
Uh, uh, uh, yeah!
Uh, 4th muthafuckin time baby! (what)
Out the gates
Uh huh, you muthafuckas can't be serious (can't be serious)
You thought I let you have this shit (what)
You thought this rap shit was yours
Uh uh
You muthafuckas done lost yo mind
Uh huh
4 real, fuck ya outta here wit that bullshit
I'ma bout ta let ya niggaz know
How it's goin dizy baby
Uh, uh, uh, uh

School street
School street
Home of the brave
Suckas actin like they want it, end up in the grave (2 shots)
I'm DMX but my name aint Dave
Step to my title and I crash your wave
Build a number 80
Used to L-I-V-E
Come through on a late night tip and you can see me
Coolin wit D nights and Box
My man
M.R., my number one fan
Small port, light blue, native New Yorkers
Chase A.K.A. Kenny and Chucky Walker
Black Shawn, Black Tim, and Black Darin
Black Tyrone, Black Al, And Black Baron
Robin, Carlos, Jersey and Dink
James World, with the Cubin Link (cmon)
Little Nick, Tony Cowt, and Ollie
Remember Trina when they used to fuck wit Holly?
Alvie, and Blue, B Boy and Shawn
Bill Smith, Nick Bursts, Scoop, and Shawan
Can't 4get Long, Paris, Tony, Donnie
And man the slee fat Reggie,and Ronnie
Black Lonnie, D Mac, and Michael (1 shot)
Haha, A.K.A physco (what)
Me and Nick styles used to get piles of cash
My man Reds, kept the jelly in a stash
Ay yo, Flocko, Doug, and Jerome
It wont be long before ice comes home
Nate Carratio, Ben, Buck
Geez, my share, don't give a, fuck
Little Joe, kick it like Chuck Norris
Most of all I can't 4get my man Forrest
14 K Alvi Bubbles, Bow
Ride front chere, smooth end, the rend so
The old school wit money markin Red Mack
Cool breeze, ride cool and, can't go jack
David, Earl, Jeff, Kato, and Dillon
Peace to Mike Colvin, heard ya bruthaz chillin
Little niggaz like Big Joe and Nutty
88 caved in and Peter gettin money
Tweety Bird, Big Monty, and Docky
His brutha Chico ran out for tha hockey
Gots 2 give a shout out to the deceased
Little Monty, and Paso, rest in peace
I'ma 'member all that
Cuz I was there
School street thats over all the way to the square
No one would dare, even stop to stare
Cuz they know we don't care, and we don't play fair
Yeah, school street is schoolin
Fuck what you heard niggaz, school street duelin
Who you think you foolin, you'll end up in your grave
Fuckin wit school street home of the brave
Now you know
Where I'm from
Where it's at
Muthafucka get that
Bitch ass nigga
Home of the brave

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