Trying to forget all the words that wander 'round in my mind
Seeing no more goodness at all, it's only hatred I find
I don't want to be the bereaved of a forgotten world
And I don't want to lay me down to fall in endless sleep

I'm drying all my tears; I try to wipe away my sorrows and grief
Right now I'm walking to the land where I find the words that I can receive,
To a place where I can give and understand and forgive and forget
But I'm walking to nowhere, 'cos a place like that doesn't exist

Tell me why do I pray to the lord?
There is no beauty and passion in this world;
Why do I love you, why do I believe,
Why can't I go or slowly disappear?

Now I reached the point where I say I don't care anymore,
I'm sure I'll never find all the things I was looking for,
To hell with your promises, it's a lie
I am waiting for the end I'll get wings and then I'll fly...

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