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Jordan (Interlude)


Yeah, yeah. wsup, it;s jordan. but if you leave your name andnumber
or as a matter fact just go ahead and page me.
when i get the hit ill hit you.
peace out!
Friday, 5:09PM.
DIANA: Hey Jordan, It's Diana, i just got back from the mall... iwas waiting for you,
But i guess something must have come up because you weren'tthere!
um.. im going to be at rehearsal at 8:00 tonight so if you canplease try to call before then
beause i would like to talk to you ok? bye.
Friday, 5:13PM.
MELISSA: Hi Jordan, It's Melissa. We were supposed to go to thebeach
together today, but you didnt show up, so um i guess you
had something better to do but whatever! um, give me a call
sometime before 8, because im gonna be at the studio so, yah,
just give me a call because i would like to talk to you, so um,yah, bye.
Friday, 6:21PM.
HOLLY: Hi Jordan, it's holly, i guess you didn't call me oranything because
i was sitting at home all day waiting for you but um...
maybe something came up or something
just give me a call when you get this
i have to go to the studio at 8
so maybe you can call me before i go,
and then ill get to talk to you. so
ill talk to you later ok? bye.
Friday, 8:27PM.
ASHLEY: Hey Jordan this is ashley. so wsup with you?
You think you could play me today or what?
and the rest of my girls? no i dont think so.
you know what?were at the studio right now.
i dont know what makes you think you can play all us,
but it aint gonna happen! so
end of messages.

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