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[verse 1]
Tired Defeated
Taken Round The Block And Beaten
Dying To Be Noticed
Then The Notice Came Due
Try It
Like Treason
A One Way Ticket Back To Eden
Digging Through The Evidence
The "Roller" Missed His Cue

I Just Want To Let You Know
You Can Make It Fast Or Slow
You Can Make It Easy
Or You Can Make It Hurt

[verse 2]
Silence, Screaming
Everything In Between
Stone Cold Vision
You Don't Want To Make It Worse
Like It
Leave It
Take It Down The Road Deceive It
Nothing's Gonna save You
Nothing's Sacred Here

[Chorus x2]

[verse 3]
Holding Out For What I'll Never Get
Fill My World With All Your Sad Regrets
Blown Away
Thrown Away
You Got Me Down And Out Again
Blown Away
Thrown Away
Gone Away Again

[repeat verse 1]
[chorus x 2]
[repeat verse 3]
[chorus x 2]

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