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You Had Me, You Lost Me

Eve Robson

You had me , You lost me
and now you want me back
You fucked around and played around
and now your feeling sad

How should I start it off
You must have thought me soft
like it was all good to move on
and cross me off
We never shared secrets
We wasn't fuckin raw
Helped you when you were down
and now I got the fuckin door
We used be so tight
We was each others life
You was my husband
and no doubt I was you fuckin wife
I did every thing you ever asked of eve
you turned out to be devil
nigga I couldn't believe
Sneakin numbers off my phone
callin bitches on the cell
What the hell clunky bitches
1 on the scale
Im like a dime overline
you cant calculate my status
and you fucking with these bitches
like my ass wasn't the fattest
like I didn't dress baddest
Anytime it surfaced
Must of been insecure
Niggas made you nervous
And I guess it was your purpose to lock me in
But you fucked up your lucks out but then again


Used to let shit slide
caught a couple lies
I chilled for real I mean I called a couple guys
Knewing you was fuckin up I saw it in your eyes
And I guess it was my fault
Cause I put up in disguise
In public we was happy
At home we was scrappin
Later we be naked
Jokin, Smokin and Laughin
Making up a break up
I thought that shit was love
But I guess I had to learn the hard way
Soaking in sobs
Crying all depress
Not again you'll never catch me
wishin on some on some star
for some nigga to come bless me
I tried to save it
All you ever did is stress me
Pushing all my buttons
Why the fuck must you stress me
nigga get a life go on and find a wife
get the fuck out my face
before I go and find a knife
And you still callin my phone
trying to act polite
Askin me for favors
Now you know that shit aint right


Ut oh
You see me coming don't you
look at you runnin won't you
Or you gone sit there
and see me like I won't approach you
Now its payback Im talkin way back
Them bitches callin hanging up
you aint know what to say back
To unanswered questions
Home in the A.M
You out clubbing
Forcing me to stay in
Remember O.K then
Its over no playing
I said it before
Im out the door
Fuck what you saying
To late for apologies
Go puff on a pile of weed
Think about this good bitch
Just leave and don't follow me
Movin on
Shut you down now you wanna regret
You can fuck all day
But It will never feel like my sex
Played yourself
Tried to show I cared
You ain't care
When I needed you the most nigga
you wasn't there
and the game is the same comes
around goes around
Now hate me forever while the chorus goes around

Chorus times 2

Na na na na na na
Till end

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