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Thats How Love Movies*

Faith Hill

Its such a mystery
How he found something in me
That I never knew was there
But he uncovered it so easily
He turend me like a season
And I began to change
Since he wrapped himself around me
You know I've never been the same, 'cause

Thats how love works
Thats how love moves
Like a river running through you
Sometimes it lifts you high as heaven
It consumes you
But thats a given
Thats how love movies

I've seen walls that could never be broken
Come tumbling down
I've heard the voice of love when it's calling
Without making a sound
See I was touched by an angel
The day he took my hand
And you know he's a mircale
That make me everything I am, but


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Composição: Fitzgerald Scott / Jennifer Kimball / Ty Lacy. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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