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Push! Push!


Come take a ride
Or a slipnside
To sit astridengliden.
Please pull the strings
Bees use their stings
Birds spread their wing and
Some things...Push! Push!

A puss that pures

By settinspures
Is this his or her what stirs?
Now: Push! Push!
Unlock the sloice
Bring up the juce
Just let it loose..Producen
Push! Push!

Push! Push! Push!Just a little
Push! Push! Push!A little further
Push! Push! Push!Just a little bit
Push! Push! Push!A little bit mooooore!

Ooh what a blow
Yeah, what a show!
Hey, one more throw...
Lets go now! Push! Push!
Another shot
We hit teh spot

Oh that was hot.. a lot
Now: Push! Push!


From stick or stone
To the prick an d bone
Im lyinprone, Im nnnot alone

With a whip and chain
Theres plesuren pain
And no venture, no gain....again
Now Push!! Push!

Our fathers who are from heaven
When kings have come thy will be
done Forgive this day - our dailybread Give ahead!!!


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