From the pure sweet core the tears awake
You're beautiful, so wipe those fears away
Come, embrace me. the light is yours
Underneath me, rock back in force
You're so good, your form divine
Punish your angels way beyond tonight
I feel her soft hand, it comes alive
She gives me the same cold look, i want to cut out her eyes
She's seeing all my hates and pains, but that's okay
I'm just pouring them out again

And i'm feeling that way, a kind of warm, kind of pain
Wake in the bad dreams
Gettin' me down kinda day
Let them pay to feel this way, living a bad dream.
Nothing else is quite the same

Hollow doll, you lied again
Don't come here to pray so full of lie
This fantasy's in vain like a cancer forms inside
Regarding the pain i'm counting again
Recover from this doll who you burning for

This is the heathen, the light is yours
I can't forget and i can't escape
It's kind of warm, kind of pain, i can't explain
I came here to feel this way
My feelings are dead
Nothing here is quite the same

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