We believed in love when love wasn't an option
She wanted to give birth
I wanted adoption
After days and days of conversation
We decided to go with fertilization
Then came baby showers and Lamaze classes
2AM phonecalls 1 Minute contractions
But then they whisked me away like Brigadoon
No domestic partners in the delivery room

But if I was a superhero I would break free
Wouldn't need anyone to come and save me
And you couldn't make me feel like I'm crazy
I would see my baby

If I was a superhero I would break free
And I wouldn't be imprisoned where ever you take me
I would change everyone who's trying to change me
I would see my baby

Life in an occupied land is hard
We pushed harder
Soon to be a mom
Him to be a father
Boys with guns at the checkpoint in Rafah
Wouldn't let me pass
When I said "I need a doctor!"
I don't know the source of the passport errors
Or how four hours produced a miscarriage
But when it come to populations to disparage
Gaza is on the list right below gay marriage

There's something on my heart
There's someone on my mind
I never would have thought
That I could be so angry
But please give me the patience
Please give me the patience

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