Dolled up in neon strut your wares down the street
All the nouveau stars and starlets starin' at your sweet

You pot an underground Babylon of rock and roll
Always catch the last set to play as the night gets old

Oh babe, It may be quite good
But it's not quite as good as It should
Oh babe, It ain't Hollywood

Now I got a band I'll take to where the noise don't stop
Loud coloured lights so bright that's where I wanna bop
The glamour and the fashion so hot it Just makes you shake
Who cares about tomorrow It's Just another chance you take

This ain't Hollywood you know It's only New York
This ain't Hollywood you know it's only L.A.
This ain't Hollywood you know It's Montreal
This ain't Hollywood It ain't no good at all

Friends and fans and faces swoon to meet

By the powder room
As the limousine drives me to the after hours room
To the after hours room.

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