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I'D Be Waiting

Franko Xavier

Ref. I'd be waiting- waiting for a lifetime I'm sure
I'd be waiting- waiting for a lifetime and moreif that serious alliance lies ahead
let every necessary word be said
remembering the blood that we've shed
keep it mind that there are things we must forgetbeware of tragedy left right and center
don't allow hell on earth to enter
get rid off all the damage in your head
remember there's an enemy in your bedthe jokes on me for sure
but then wishes and hopes come true for sure
it's you for sure, out of the blue for sure
it's you for your past rich and poor towards
that hard encorei've walked on the african sands like the kosan
the original man from lands sacred
battled zulu tribes for the passion of word play and swam
the zambezi butt naked
seen the sun rise in the east and set in the west
plotted stars charts and directions for god to manifest
from the peaks of the pyramids i left tags in dark gaves
that gave humanity clues on how to star gaze
i've seen a snake shed its skin like the seasons and change
i've seen world rearange in a flash
now for this cash they rape our lands strictly for wealth
it's left me stranded in a spiritual realm all by myself
headed to mecca i stopped and spoke swahm with tribes
chanted native dialects over the hill i felt vibes
threw my hands in the sky then beat them hard on a
drum over the horizon i waited for freedom to come
but the ships just keep sailing and whips just keep cracking
i wonder where i am so i begin back tracking through the
solomonic dynasty i read the kebra tr took mt swift
across the mains like i was riding on a zebra the ashante
draped me in robes or royalty the shona tribe blessed me
with lyrical ability its beauty infinate and there's just no
debating when i finaly saw all along who's been waiting

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