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Blues and reds and 9 an' a half grand
I had customs eatin' outta the palm of my hand
And when the smoke didn't clear
I looked for my bag
Lies a little old lady whose traffic is skag
For Bedo and Lewis I reflect through the noise
Lyin' cheatin' killers but a nice pair of boys
I catch my cue o yes love I've had it
Sleepin' cabin easy that cab so I grabbed it
Yo ma man I had it down town

De hado me, un poquito más, now baby
De hado me, my love, un poquito más

Now never say maybe especially to your girl
Mine wanted answers so I gave her the world
The drugs kept me goin' honey, the money's for bail
My teen got the fear cause he's never been to jail
I told them it wasn't mine put they knew me and pounced
They found it we had good, I still got half an ounce
Now baby, here I am back like the dead,
Turn down the lights, time to have sex

Chorus (x4)

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