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Mysteries We Understand

Hawkins Sophie B

Oh angel it's understood
What we could
Do together's every bit much better than good
I ain't looking for the sky to
Cover my head
Cover me I'll cover you again and again and again

Stay up all night to feed your fire
My day's a dream with you on my mind
I wake up tight full of desire
And you are the one who can unwind
My weather's always a surprise
Don't think you'll ever come prepared
But love's the lighthouse in my life
If you get scared

When you look in my eyes
Do you have faith like me
Love can heal the wounds
That cry us all to sleep

When you hear nature's voice
Whispering in your ear
Is heaven a-rejoicing
Even through the tears

When you become your light
Shining like the sun
Is peace within your mind
Where everything is one
Evil will not destroy
When love is in your hand
Now can be make believe
The mysteries we understand

Us angels we give it up
Just enough
Keep each other hanging on with a heavenly touch
I ain't playing with a goal to
Cover my ass
I am naked like a baby in the summer grass

New York's the only place I know
I'll take you on a guided tour
Through Central Park where only those
With seven senses feel secure
Then from my rooftop in the clouds
We'll dive into the glowing sea
And when we're falling look around
And tell me what you see

When you look in my eyes
Do you have faith like me
Love can heal the wounds
That cry us all to sleep

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