Purify my flesh
anything would be a cure
crucify this flesh
nail my skin to your bones

I wanna rest in your rest
I wanna bleed through your pores
I just wanna bleed
compel me to share a little of your hell

open my sores
open my sores and relieve
the misery you once felt
I know you'll do it
I know you'll want it
`cause I'm pain of your pain
`cause I'm sin of your sins
be my guide in darkness to find the way

I'm flesh of your flesh
let my sores be blessed
by the touch of your hands
belong to this flesh

Touch, touch my deep sores

Lacerate and cure this skin
you know how I'll lie
you know how I'll die
I'm not scared
I don't fear the pain
I don't fear fate
I'm not scared
call me to your sores
call me to your sores
I'm not scared
waste me away
just waste me away
I'm not scared

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