Well, an old man said to me
In a voice filled with pain
Where you going, young man?
Said, I'm going to fight a war
Gonna fight for my country
In some foreign land

He said, the sun will never hurt you
Never harmed anyone, but you must realize
If you try to stare her down
She will win in the end
she will burn your eyes, she will burn them

1-Seen a millon places
Seen a million faces die, faces die
Well, I wonder, who will walk with me
When I get to heaven (there)

He said, boy I was young once
Yeah, I was tough, sailing on Uncle Sam's boat
Hey, I could kill the enemy
I could die on foreign streets
But I could not vote, but now you walk by me
You won't talk to me, say this is my fate
But every time you walk, the streets, boy
Most of them you meet, you see
It's you they hate, it's you, yeah

Seen a million faces
Seen a million places die, places die
Well, I wonder who will walk with me
When I get to heaven, I hope I get there
(repeat 1)

See this woman sitting next to me?
She's been there for a long, long, time
And when I fell, she picked me up
And when I cried, she wiped my tears
I thank God she's mine

And when I leave this world
She won't have anything, but her love for me
Well, the man took everything else
He made me hate myself, so just let her be, boy
Won't you let her be, yeah
(rpt 1)

Seen a million mothers cry
Seen a million brothers dying
But I wonder who will walk with me
When I get there, when I get to heaven
I hope I get there, when I get to heaven, yeah

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