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[shaggy 2 dope]
This bitch resheal fucked on her boyfriend in her boyfriend's bed and crazy carlo smacked his
Baby moma off in the head and johnathon beat his son like his dady beat him but swore hed never
Do nobody like his dady did him and then sandra used her pussy hole to get to the top and baby D
He shot somebody it went bad from the drop and then diane worked at a hospital and took care of
Old souls she was abusive her afterlife sees no gold roads and mr richards was a richy fella born
With every penny everyone around him hungry but he never gave them any and steven was a
Buisnessman an educated sinner and at the top pornography of children on his lap top

Take your spot and hang on cuz its crowded in hell you in the belly of the beast now it was
Heaven in jail and dont try to make no friends cuz nobody got no tounges and if the witch looks
Your way somehow it crosses your lungs

Playa playa was a boss man callin out shots until he caught one and everything stops the floor drops
As hes screamin and fallin we see how pointless was the ballin when eternity is callin agony
Will be a balla

Dont cry for the dead cuz they cry for you because we laugh about an aftermath but they know how true
And listen aint no-fuckin-body gettin it worse than you and me and aint nobody gettin it worse
But you and me and we will see

A pteradactyl swoop through the caverns of hell and grab two unfortunates to the ogre a cell and
Aint no gaurds playin cards and aint no uniforms needed you the only one around butt naked bloody
And bleedin

With 7 demons in your ear got you bealievin youre heevin talk you into pullin out your own
Instestines to get even you were born with the shine but you lost it down the line you fuck life
Up and you cant rewind

Fuck what you tellin me (we burnin up) the witch keeps sellin me (we burnin up) since we burn em
Up (they keep turnin up) and we turn corrupt (till we burnt and lovely)

[shaggy 2 dope]
Judge shaw was a judge snake holes were his eyes there go another judge another judge somebody
Dispisen' there goes so many judges the judges in hell so many fuckin judges in hell they
Bludge in the well

Fat pat like his dady was a bigit pullin duty he could tell it to them gargoyles fuckin on his booty
And sharla liked money but mistook it for love and when the witch's wings press she give him
Head and look above

Black sundays armeggedon maggots and rain Hell's Pit got some fiya for you faggots with hate
Eddie bearl hit his wife and got a tooth in his knuckle later on he lost his life is a scuffle
Now he in trouble

You was a rebel you nobody no mo

To the devil on the double you go

Aint no level to the trouble you know and eternity goes and eternity goes

Fuck what you tellin me (we burnin up) the witch keeps sellin me (we burnin up) since we burn em
Up (they keep turnin up) and we turn corrupt (till we burnt and lovely)

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Composição: ICP Orchestra / Insane Clown Posse / Mike Puwal. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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