[1st verse:]
I met Henry at a swell affair
Mother heard he was a millionaire
I told him that he may call some night
He seemed pleased and then replied, "All right!"
Sunday, Henry thought he'd look us up
Dropped in while the folks were having sup
Henry felt embarrassed for he thought I'd be alone
So my mother called me over and said in a whispered tone:

Put out your little sister Millie
Put out your little brother Willie
Tell Aunt Marie to be going on her way
Don't forget to say: "Call another day!"
Put father wise to put out Molly
Tell him to put her on a trolley
You may have some fun, put out ev'ry one
But don't put out the light

[2nd verse:]
Soon I had the parlor to myself
Placed the lamp upon the mantelshelf
Then he got as loving as could be
Asked if I would sit upon his knee
After spooning for an hour or more
He said, "Dear, my eyes are getting sore
Doctor said the light is detrimental to my eyes"
Now I would have done it gladly had my mother not advised:

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