Foto do artista Irving Berlin

Down Where The Jack O'Lanterns Grow

Irving Berlin

I really think that Broadway
Is just a false alarm
It's just a great big fraud-way
Compared to a farm
A lot of folks may like it
But I could not agree
It may be good enough for them
But not for me

I'm gonna stay right here where the Jack O'Lanterns grow
I'm gonna wake each morn when the rooster starts to crow

Then when I'm through milking the cow
I'll be out working the plow
While the birds
Sing a little "Hello"

I'm gonna settle down with a certain gal I know
Until the day comes 'round when I must really go

Then should the Angels whisper "What have you been?"
I'll say "I've been a Reuben
Down where the Jack O'Lanterns grow"

[2nd verse:]
I stop my work at sundown
And if I want to roar
I comb my hair and run down
To Si's groc'ry store
I hear the latest songs there
I've got them all down pat
I know "Poor Butterfly" by heart
Just think of that!

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