Foto do artista Irving Berlin

Everything Is Rosy Now For Rosie

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
Hear the dicky birds singing
What a beautiful song
Serenading a couple
See them strolling along
Hear them talking it over
Hear them naming the day
The little chappy looks happy
Listen, can't you hear him say

Ev'rything is rosy now for Rosie
Ev'rything is rosy now for me

The bells are pealing
Oh, what a feeling
The future looks so flowery

There's a little cottage nice and cosy
Ev'rything was paid for C.O.D.

Now Rosie's busy with her wedding duds
Soon there'll be a lot of baby buds
Hanging 'round my Rosie and me

[2nd verse:]
Hear the wedding bells ringing
With a lovely ding dong
Hear the choir boys singing
What a beautiful song
Hear the minister saying
Honor, love and obey
They're all in clover, it's over
Listen to the bridegroom say

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