Foto do artista Irving Berlin

I Just Came Back To Say Good Bye

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
"Who is that down below
A-pounding on my door?"
Said Liza Green, "It's downright mean
To wake me from a pleasant dream!"
"It's Bill!" came the reply
"Come back to say goodbye!
I overlooked it when I left
That's just the reason why"

I just came back to say, "Goodbye!"
Let me explain
I won't remain
Besides, you see, I don't know when
I may have time to call again
Been cooking honey? I smell stew!
Don't look so cross
I know you're boss!
Just tell me how
You're feeling now
And then I'll say "Goodbye"

[2nd verse:]
"It's blowing up out here
I'll catch a cold I fear!
Now Liza please don't stand and tease!
How can you see your William freeze?"
But Liza said, "Go 'way!
Come 'round some other day"
Then, as she closed the window down
She heard poor William say:

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