Foto do artista Irving Berlin

I'm Looking For A Daddy Long Legs

Irving Berlin

I'm so worried, oh, so worried
I can't sleep a wink at night
I've lost my appetite
And it's all on account of my height
I'm a Yankee, long and lanky
And that's where the trouble lies
For a little lovin' my heart cries
But I can't find a man my size

I'm looking for a daddy long legs
Who's gonna measure up to me
A little fellow has the wrong legs
To have me sitting on his knee

I had a sweetheart short and thin
And when the spooning would begin
He was there standing on a chair
But he'd only get as far as my chin

I want a daddy who can teach me
The kind of love I can't resist
I want a daddy who can reach me
When I get ready to be kissed

I want a nice young man to woo me
But I don't want a man that has to climb up to me
It's gonna take a daddy long legs
To love a long-legged lady like me

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