[1st verse:]
I never felt so happy before
A little rascal knocked at my door
It's Cupid that I'm speaking of
I'm in love
So in love
I must confess that right from the start
I went and lost my heart

Wait till you see me with my sweetie
Showing her off to the crowd
Looking so dreamy at my sweetie
Feeling so terribly proud
She makes a specialty
Of looking good to me
She ought to be right in Tiffany's window
She's a jewel, I know that you'll agree
Wait till I'm married to my sweetie
How happy I'll be
I've got the bungalow paid for
I've had it 'specially made for
My sweetie
Sweetie, eetie, eetie
My sweetie and me

[2nd verse:]
You've seen an exhibition where they
Charge you a large admission to stay
I mean the paintings that they show
Fine, I know
But don't go
I've got a picture and it's a treat
You needn't buy a seat

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