[1st verse:]
Honey, I'm sinkin' fast
Soon I will breathe my last
Fever is very high
Doctor said I will die
'Fore I take my long, long rest
Grant me, dear, one request
'Member that afternoon
We heard that dreamy tune
When you remarked to me
Who wrote that melody
That's the air I want to share before I die

Honey dear, I must be going I fear
I feel the finish is near
Please bring your cello in here
While I see just play the sweet melody
And honey, call it for me
"That Dying Rag"

[2nd verse:]
Honey, don't hesitate
Soon it will be too late
Heavenly gates I see
St. Peter's calling me
Thank the Lord I'm gwine to go
Up above, not below
Right on my tombstone, dear
Put this inscription clear
"Buried without disgrace
Died with a smiling face"
Honey say I passed away without a care

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