[1st verse:]
Where the Russian breezes blow
There's a piece of calico
Ev'ry thread dyed in red
You can see it on a pole
Or in Trotsky's buttonhole
Long haired Russian foxes
Wave it from old soapboxes

That revolutionary rag
'Twas made across the sea
By a tricky, slicky Bolsheviki

Run with your little money bag
Or else they'll steal it away, wheel it away
As they go raving, madly waving

That revolutionary rag
It's not a melody
It's a crimson flag

All the Royalties across the seas
Shake in their B.V.D.s
When they see that revolutionary rag

[2nd verse:]
Little Mary Antoinette
Was a lovely queen you bet
Till one day, sad to say
From her window she could see
Little Miss Democracy
Mary's brain was whirling
When France began unfurling

[alternate lines in 2nd REFRAIN:]
All the Kings and Queens in foreign scenes
Know that they've spilled the beans
When they see that revolutionary rag

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