[1st verse:]
Love, Love
Won't you come out from your hiding place
Let me see a trace of your hidden face
Love, Love
Wrapped in your mantle of mystery
Makes me ponder, ponder and wonder what you may be

What is love?
Is it gladness? Or a form of sadness?
Or a sign of madness?

Should we meet face to face
Will it frighten me? Kindly enlighten me

What is love?
I keep guessing whether it's a blessing
Or a thing distressing

Should it come to me
What will it prove to be
When I'm head and heels in love?

[2nd verse:]
Love, Love
Out of the darkness, I call to thee
Won't you let me see what you hold for me
Love, Love
I want to have you within my reach
For I'm yearning just to be learning the things you teach

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