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Restless Eyes

Janis Ian

We have a big house
With lots of gardens
And children playing
In the school next store
These aren't the best times
These aren't the worst times
But these are my times
I never asked for more

There's always sunshine
And shiny weather
I like it just fine
He likes it better
And I don't know the name
of the people right next door
But I can't complain
He could have had so much more

And he isn't you
And I'll never be
The one that he left behind
Each time we look in the mirror
I see those restless eyes
When he finds
That I'm not the one he wanted
And he's not who I dreamed
Oh those restless eyes
And restless me

And when the warm winds
That surround me
Come raining down me
On warm summer nights
He never asks me
To surrender
And I'll remember that
When I want to leave

And if my heart beats
A touch too fast
And if my eyes blink
He doesn't ask
He lets us both pretend
It's the wind up from the shore
And I love him for it then
Like I never did before


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