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I'm Gonna Be Alright (Remix)

Jennifer Lopez

[j. lo]
Oh yes

[50 cent]
I wanna be the reason u smile after u wipe your tears,
The reason u have your courage to confront your fears
The reason theres 2 carrots in each your ears
I sperge w/the paper ma, i don't care
How ya like the pumps, boots,jeeps, coops
Make celebs fall off never
Whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine
So when i shine u shine
Finest champaine we can toast to life
Crabtable in vegas u can toss the dice
Don't let your friends get ya confused with bad news
I need ya in my life your too good to loose

[j. lo]
It's funny cuz fora while
I walked around with a smile but
Deep inside i could hear voices telling me this ain't right
Don't u know its not for u
I always knew what i had to do
But its hard to get away
Because i love you i just tried to stay

1- i used to say i couldn't do it but i did it
After telling everbody i wasn't with it
Though it brings tears to my eyes, i can feel it
And i know inside i'm gonna be alright
Repeat 1

Friends of mine say to me
They say you got control over me
You're not alone, i played a part
I saw the way you were from the start
Could i expect so much from you
You had a girl when i first met you
Did the best that you could do
Now i realize i can't change you

Repeat 1 (2x)

Said i wouldn't walk away
Some days i want to stay
But leaving you is what i need to do to be okay
Never thought it would be true
Me livin' without you
But now it's time for me to make a move

[50 cent]
Now when i tell ya what my wishes r
U don't respeact it
When i smile at ya
U don't smile back to recconect it
U ain't been goon long but
I already miss ya
I need you next to me so i can hug u and kiss u
All the talkin on the phone
All the time we share
How could u fix your mouth to say i don't care
I had plans 4 us
Buy ice together, ingagement rings, and things and share life together
Now when your friends take ya 50 go ya like whatever
Do u think we were wrong for each other from the start
Or was it my actions that made us fall apart
Just want u to know you always have a place in my heart

Repeat 1 (x2)

Oh no
Be alright, yes
Oh no
Says i'm gonna be alright

Repeat 1 (x1)

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Composição: Cheryl Cook / Corey Rooney / Jennifer Lopez / Ronald LaPread / Troy Oliver. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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