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Joe Cocker

Marjorine, where have you been?
Did you meet the queen, marjorine?
Let me know. why did you go?
Why don't you show, marjorine?
Oh, down by the sea, searchin' for me, marjorine.
I want you back, but you will not get in the sack, no!
Each I go to town I see your face in a crowd and,
When I come back home, I call your name aloud.

Marjorine, life is too short.
You'll just get caught, marjorine.
Hard to find. what's on your mind?
Won't be unkind, marjorine.
Oh, clouds start to form, keeping you warm, marjorine.
Life can be clean. where have you been, oh, marjorine?

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Composição: Chris Stainton / Frank Myles / Joe Cocker / Tom Rattigan. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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