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The Sea like The Sea
The Wind like The Wind
The Stars in the Sky
The Sea like The Sea
The moon like The Moon
The Stars in The Sky
The Sea like The Sea
The Moon like The Moon
The Stars in the Sky
In the wind-on the ship-a lullaby
We sailing pass the moment of time
We sailing 'round the point
The kindly light
The kindly light
We go sailing thru' the waters of the summers end
Long ago, search for land
Looking to and fro,
We searching in the day
We searching in the night
We looking everywhere for land a helping hand
For there is hope if truth be there
How much more will we share
We pilgrims of the sea
Looking for a home-
In 1620, The Mayflower sailed from Plymouth westward,
Carrying the Pilgrims in search of a new land
In Star date 27X, year, minute 33, location earth, 16 degrees
polar star west
The Mayflower was launched into space
In search of a new land.
Stars in The Sky
Shining so bright
Looking for light
On this Earth
On this Earth

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