She's standing over there not looking at me
It drives me crazy that this feeling won't leave
She's walking past me, she's what i adore
She bites her lip, gives me a wink, I'm yearning for more
We;; she's a lady that's hard to resist
She's not just someone you could pass up and miss
The touch of her skin makes me curl up inside
So knock it off stop l=playing with me. let's go for a ride

She's a heart breaker
You better believe
She's not gonna stop oh and she's coming for me
You better know, it's so true
Cause when she's done with me then she'll be coming for you

Well she's relentless it should be a crime
It's not her fault oh it's just how she's designed
How can something bitter be so sweet
She'll make you fall in love and then she'll get up and leave

But she won't mind
Cause she hasn't been bitten
and she's never gonna feel it
but soon, you'll find
that it all just comes around and it'll get her in time

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