When our Grandmas and our Grandpas where just girls and boys
The seemed to have a lot more fun than we
Their party clothes were calicos and homemade courturoys
And the big event was called a husking bee
A banjo and a fiddle and a big old fashioned barn
Was all the preparation that they made
And if they tell you otherwise, dismiss it as a yarn
Refreshments were confined to lemonade
Now you may say it? corny.
And I guess I must agree
But it was good enough for Grandma, it was good enough for Grandpa
And it? good enough for me

Hoe down! The country? gone Hoe Down
It? puttin?it? toe down and kickin?it? heels
Hoe Down. It? really a rare dance. A pioneer square dance
But with a new deal

One, two, swing your partner lightly. While you hold her ever so tightly
And bring your best beau down
We?e havin?a show down and gotta make hast
Cuz hoe down? on it? way

Stand in line and do the Turkey, like a Yankee Doodle Dandy
When you turkey do it jerky, that? the trick, now your hoein?on down
Sashay, sashay, sashay around while your hoein?on down
Form a circle in the middle, everybody Allemande
Boys keep tempo with the fiddle and your gal in the calico gown
Whoa ho, whoa ho, whoa ho around in your calico gown
Do-si-do around, it? very romantic
Do-si-do some more and maybe she?l fall
Now it? time to do your honors
Then when you?e done your honors, promenade the hall!


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Composição: Ralph Freed / Roger Edens. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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