Did you ever wonder why in thunder
thunder comes in spring?
Once upon a time it seems
all the world was wrapped in dreams.
Playful little fellas, so they tell us
said Let's have our fling!
Spring is in the air, you know!
It's time to wake 'em up below!

So, when the thunder starts to thunder don't run home and cry.
They're playing ten-pins in the sky.
Little fellas way up yonder make the raindrops fly
while rollin', bowlin' ten-pins in the sky.

The world will wear a new bonnet
daffodils on it,
thanks to the skies above.
Thunder and showers
wake up the flowers,
where there are flowers
there must be love.

So, laugh at raindrops, laugh at thunder,
clouds will soon roll by.
They're playing ten-pins in the sky!

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Composição: Joseph McCarthy / Milton Ager. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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