DOROTHY: Did you just hear what I just heard?
LION: That noise don't come from no ordinary bird.
DOROTHY: It may be just a cricket , or a critter in the trees.
TIN MAN: It's giving me the jitters, in the joints around my knees.

SCARECROW: I think I see a jijik, and he's fuzzy and he's furry.
I haven't got a brain but I think I ought to worry.
TIN MAN: I haven't got a heart, but I got a palpitation.
LION: As Monarch of the forest, I don't like the sitchy-ation

DOROTHY: Are you gonna stand around and let him fill us full of horror?
LION: I'd like to roar him down, but I think I lost my roarer.

TIN MAN: It's a whozis.
SCARECROW: It's a whosis?
LION: It's a whatzis.
SCARECROW: It's a whatzis?
TIN MAN: Whozat?
LION: Whozat?

DOROTHY (singing chorus):
Who's that hiding,
In the tree top?
It's that rascal
The Jitterbug.

Should you catch him buzzin' round you,
Keep away from the Jitterbug.

Oh, the bats and the bees
And the breeze in the trees
Have a terrible, horrible buzz.
But the bats and the bees
And the breeze in the trees
Couldn't do what the Jitterbug does.

So be careful Of that rascal
Keep away from
The Jitterbug!

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Composição: Cab Calloway / E.Y. Yip Harburg / Edwin Swayzee / Harold Arlen. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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