Nellie Kelly, I Love You

Judy Garland


It's the same old song they sing,
I love you!
The boys are all mad about Nellie,
daughter of officer Kelly.
And it's all day long they bring
flowers all dripping with dew.
And they join in the chorus of Nellie Kelly,
I love you!

(Repeat Chorus)

Dance with me!
You know I'd adore it with...
Dance with me!
I'm thrilled to death o'r it...
Dance with me!
I've been waiting for it with you!

It's a lovely night when we are dancing together.
It's a lovely night but the forecast says stormy weather.

All of you,
I'd like to be dancing with
All of you,
Perhaps be romancing with
All of you,
It would be entrancing,
that's true!
But it isn't quite fair to the rest,
so if you will all line up abreast,
I will dance with the one I like best.

(Repeat Chorus)

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