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I'm feeling funky like a monkey
I'm the one when it's sunny be my sugar bunny honey and we'llride,
it's absolutely hot outside
you need a drink?
how about that glass of pink lemonade
just the shade of your lipstick
it's so hick i love it.
i like my room a mess
i confess it's the stress
of you sitting over sitting in my rocking chair
back n forth and back n forth n back
come on now cut some slack
i'm going stark raving mad cause youre so very bad
to do what you do your old tricks are new to me
cause i'm easy
i'm an airhead if its breezy
i dont like it if it's cheesy
but your scent makes me dizzy
it's time to get busy
cause we have all day
so come outside and we'll play
you and me and you and me and you and me
got to be
you and me and you and you and me and you and me
its got to be
such a tease what a flirt
teeshirt and short skirt
and those cute lil toes
yummy yummy some of those
little piggies gone to market
am i sick right on target
hey now
tell me how you got here
in your gear
looking like a princess
why you wanna impress a toad like me
kiss me
i'll be charming
im funny but alarming
im starving
spend a sexy afternoon
feed each other with a spoon
wash it down with some wine
that will make us feel fine
not too much; a touch
to get the right rush
you could giggle while i sing
its crazy to be spring
dance around
bubbles on
we could make through the sign
the sound of the band
groovy cool i understand
bop around
in a trance
skinny herd of elephants
they get down to the skin
i can tell where you've been
you and me should take a walk
you and i should have a talk
about those birds and bees
and the wiggles in my knees
ah honey honey sugar sweet
cello-groovin chunky beat
we can sweat
soppin wet
skinny dip i'm all set
i got some time to kill
to relax and just chill

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